About me

I'm an iOS engineer. After spending half a decade in the Bay Area, I now work remotely and am currently located in the Salt Lake City area. I work for a company called Hearsay Systems. I ebb and flow through side projects. I've currently got two apps on the App Store:

Noy YoGroovie

Outside of the iOS world, I spend a lot of time snowboarding and skiing, playing guitar, reading, mountain biking, photography, doing hot yoga, and watching movies. I'm fluent in Portuguese and can get by decently well with Spanish. If you're ever passing through the SLC area, feel free to reach out, I'd love to meet up!

What I'm Doing

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    Mobile Apps

    Professional development of applications for iOS.

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    I take photos for fun. I do sports, nature, and portrait photography.



  1. Brigham Young University

    2015 — 2016

    Master of Information Systems Management

  2. Brigham Young University

    2009 — 2015

    Bachelor of Science, Information Systems


  1. Senior iOS Engineer - Hearsay Systems

    2018 — Present

    - Responsible for building, maintaining, and deploying all apps offered by Hearsay, including Blackberry and Microsoft Intune flavors.
    - Built out entire UI-testing pipeline for an already mature app to reduce time spent resolving new issues and regressions.
    - Built out design system and built process for localization greatly cutting down on development time for reused components, colors, and strings.

  2. CEO & Co-founder - Groovie Inc.

    2020 — 2022

    - Designed and built all parts necessary for an incredible app including the full iOS app, Firebase Integration (Firestore, Remote Config, Cloud Functions), Backblaze B2 storage integration, and Fastly CDN.
    - Handled day-to-day administrative tasks necessary to running a business including things such as product marketing and pitching to potential investors.

  3. Mobile Software Engineer (iOS) - Gap Inc.

    2016 — 2018

    - Built new iOS app that decreased out-of-stock percentages in stores from 40% to 1%, projected to save $50M/year.
    - Regularly update apps that integrate with Verifone sled hardware, and support and analyze them with tools such as AppDynamics, Splunk, NewRelic, and Jenkins.

My skills

  • Swift
  • Portuguese
  • Rocket League
  • Spanish
  • Javascript
  • Yoga
  • Skiing
  • Kotlin
  • Design
  • Python


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